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"Always do something with soul, creativity, and love, leaving a piece of yourself in everything you do."

DayDreamer Studio

Imagine • Create • Motivate

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Little Dreamers

Event Space


DayDreamer Studio is a gathering place for dreamers to connect and create, bringing the community together in a unique way through the creative process while being inspired by others. The creative culture is rooted in a desire for active participation, individual customization, and the experiential value. The creative process is important for all ages and gives us a chance to develop our passions, be inspired, slow things down and connect with the important people in our lives. Creating and learning from others builds positive and happy people!  

Located in the idyllic Northern Westchester area where beauty abounds. Housed in an amazing building in the famous Yellow Monkey Village in Cross River, NY; makes the perfect environment to nurture one's inner dreamer.


The Workplace @ DayDreamer

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