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BRINGING Community AND Creativity TOGETHER

DayDreamer Studio brings community and creativity together to celebrate everyday moments with friends and family. We are a creative and event space for Workshops, Seminars, Parties and Events for kids and adults.  Our Workshops & Seminars cover a wide range of trending topics from local Artisans & Influencers. Come become a DayDreamer with us and create lasting memories!

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Local Artisans & Influencers bring Workshops & Seminars filled with inspiration to DayDreamer Studio! The creative life is an inspired life! Complimentary beverages, great music and time with friends new and old are always part of our Workshops & Seminars! Check out our calendar to see what exciting new things you can learn at DayDreamer Studio.

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Planning a Mom’s night out or want to get together with friends and DO something fun? Host a craft night, Wine & Cheese tasting, Dinner Party, Game Night or any other fun event. Want to host and showcase your art or ideas to your loyal followers? You can reserve DayDreamer Studio for a private event or gathering. Let us provide the atmosphere where you can focus on building those bonds!


Daydreamer Studio partners with the best local Artisans & Influencers to share their passions and crafts through Workshops & Seminars to inspire others!

Our goal is to help our Artisans & Influencers build their brand and name; sharing what made us fall in love with them and what they do with the MASSES!

If you or someone you know would like to lead a Workshop or Seminar at DayDreamer Studio, we would love to hear from you!