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The Art of Quilling

Ages: 15 and up

Workshop Size: 8 people

Registration Closes: Thursday, May 31st

Paper Quilling also known as paper filigree, is the art of rolling paper into intricate and interesting shapes. During this workshop, participants will be able to learn the techniques on basic paper quilling. A guided through the process of rolling strips of paper and curving them into desired forms placed together to create a monogram or mandala.

Lena Vega studied architecture back in Peru, 12 year ago she moved to USA thru the Diversity Visa Program, she found a very detailed job as plumbing designer for high rise buildings, but simultaneously had a craving for beauty and art that led her to try out different techniques and materials until she found quilling 4 years ago. This activity was became her therapeutic balance for her high standard job.

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The Art of Quilling
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