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Build a Robot w/Raspberry Pi: 6-week Course Day 1

Workshop Size - 15 people

Registration Closes - Wednesday, April 18th

Meets - 6 consecutive Thursdays, April 19th through May 24th 

Grades 5 and up

Parents welcome to attend - Please register separately

Workshop Size - 15 people

Have you ever wanted to assemble your own computer? Build a robot? Program in Python? Sarah and Clark Landis of MakerLab will teach you the basics with a Raspberry Pi, a computer that will fit into the palm of your hand. Take all six workshops as a course that will teach you all the skills you need to design and build your own robot or sign up for individual segments. 

Clark Landis has developed derivatives trading systems for banks and other financial institutions. He has a passion for programming and pushing technical boundaries. Clark holds an MS in computer science from Columbia University, an MS in physics from Yale, and a BA in physics and math from Columbia University. Sarah Landis is the head trader of private hedge fund specializing in the volatility markets. She also is a certified yoga teacher, mom of 3 and lifelong maker.

The course will cover:

Thurs. April 19th: Introduction to the Raspberry Pi, background and historical context, how to set it up and connect it to a keyboard and monitor. We'll write a short program to turn an LED on and off using GPIO pins.

Thurs. April 26th: Software Environment: Raspbian Linux and basic shell commands, Python, Digital Logic. We'll add a button to our LED and write a program to turn the LED on and off with the button.

Thurs. May 3rd: Headless operation, working without a monitor. Once you're attached the button, you can control the LED without a monitor. This step is essential to begin to transition from traditional computer to robot. We'll cover Wifi setup and SSH.

Thurs. May 10th: Ultrasonic Sensor. We'll continue to code in Python building on what we've learned so far to measure distance with an ultrasonic sensor. We'll discuss the digital logic that's involved and use the speed of sound to convert time to distance.

Thurs. May 17th: Relay and Motors. We'll discuss applications for motors and incorporate one into our robot with more Python controls.

Thurs. May 24th: Finalize your robot! Integrate all our individual components, and run code to make the robot function as a whole. We'll wrap up with more ideas of ways to build on the Raspberry Pi and unleash our creativity, turning students from consumers of technology to creators.

*All materials needed during class will be provided, but if participants would like to take their creations home, they can buy components from the instructor.

Build a Robot w/Raspberry Pi: 6-week course
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