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Woman's Soul Focus Group

Workshop Size: 12 people

Registration Closes: Friday, June 1st

Join Tesa for 60 minutes to help you get back to your easy, strong, vibrant self. Tesa's work is inspired by Andean heart centered teachings, Kabbalah wisdom, energy healing techniques, and hypnosis.  Tesa's meditations and discussions will help you get started with a daily practice of connecting with your own energy and sense of source energy.  Tesa will help you align your energy with what you really desire. Learn techniques to cleanse yourself of heavier energy and detaching from what is not you.  Her meditations will help inspire you to stay connected to your natural environment, harness and  fine tune your personal power and gain the energetic capacity to carry out your intentions. Her goal is to help people step into their highest potential. 

Tesa's work is inspired by mystical teachings that help you experience a profound transcendental integration with the natural world and the larger ground of being.  This helps fill you up and you can begin to feel complete in every moment.  Tesa has been practicing as a holistic wellness practitioner in NY and CT since 2005.  She helps people believe in their intuitive gifts, overcome self limiting beliefs, find balance in their life, and feel more in sync with themselves and the world around them. Tesa offers private easy success coaching, hands on energy healing and group meditations to help create new mindful pathways and harmonious living.  Tesa earned her bachelor's degree from Tulane University in 1993  studying Cultural Anthropology.  She was an Executive Recruiter and Business Developer in New York City.  Tesa found release from her hectic lifestyle at that time and deepened her meditation practice and started learning about energy healing.  She then became a certified and licensed Hypnotherapy Practitioner and Guided Meditation Facilitator.

Woman's Soul Focus Group
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