The Workplace @ DayDreamers

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The Workplace @ DayDreamer Studio provides an on-demand private location for independent and mobile workers complete with office infrastructure and support services like, high-speed internet access, a printer, and an exclusive private environment.

Out of the home temporary work spaces are the perfect refuge for anyone looking to balance productivity, connectedness, and independence!

From freelancers to entrepreneurs, artists, sales professionals and telecommuters, DayDreamer Studio provides the best of both worlds: a focused and fully-furnished creative work environment free of the distractions of a home office or coffee shop and an inspiring location to meet with clients or simply be free to focus in on your daily to do list.

Improved Productivity

● As countless freelancers and small business owners have discovered, home offices are cheap and convenient but also highly isolating and full of distraction. Coffee shops are a temporary solution at best. Coworking offers a more inspiring environment with all necessary tools and amenities.

Professional Business Address

● What is a business to do when it lives in the cloud, but they need a private and professional space for face-to-face meetings with clients, customers, prospective employees or meet-ups. DayDreamer is here to be your own personal office space when the need arises.

Services & Amenities

● Fast WIFI? Check. Power Outlets? Check. Networked printers/scanners/copiers? Check. Unlimited coffee, tea, filtered water, Check, check, and check! If you need it, The Workplace at DayDreamer Studio has it.

• Closed door private office space

* Great for client presentations, group meetings, meet-ups

• Come and go as you please

• Create your own work group with like minded individuals

• Art/Photo Studio space

Flexibility & Cost-Efficiency

● Our private workplace environment is an extremely affordable and realistic solution for freelancers, small business owners, and displaced employees who may otherwise be unable or unwilling to put down roots in traditional business spaces.


Pricing for Exclusive use of The Little Red Schoolhouse:

1 hr. - $25
2 hrs. - $35
3 hrs. - $45
4 hrs. - $55
Full Day (8 hours) - $70 


If you are interested in reserving The Workplace at DayDreamer Studio please submit your request below.

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