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The Mom Style Dilemma

Workshop Size - 12 people

Registration Closes: Thursday, March 8th

Colette graduated with a degree in Fashion Merchandising from The University of Delaware and was recruited by Ann Taylor.  In the decade she spent at Ann Taylor, she held buying positions for:  career separates, suits, knit tops, and sweaters.  Colette loved working with the designers to build a line for a season, choosing fabrics with the sourcing team, and putting together a seasons outfits that would come to life in each store.  Upon leaving Ann Taylor she parlayed all of her skills and experience into her current career as a Personal Stylist.  This Personal Styling niche encompasses her professional background, her love of fashion, and her quest to help every women find their personal style, no matter what their lifestyle, style aspiration, size, or budget.

Besides shopping (haha), I'm a busy mother of 3 children.  I love to work out (stress release), cook fun and healthy meals for my family, watch any singing reality show, sing, and have a glass of wine (or two) with girlfriends!

The Mom Style Dilemma:  With meal prep, diapers, laundry, homework, and after-school activities we moms knows there are days when ‘dressing to impress’ simply becomes ‘dressing.’  Life move SO fast, but personal style shouldn’t be abandoned because of it! We deserve to look and feel good about ourselves whether wearing activewear or actual clothing!  

In this workshop you will identify your style aspiration and learn:

• Where to shop based on your wardrobe needs and body type
• What stores have exactly what YOU want based your budget and lifestyle
• When the best apparel is available for each season
• How to best organize your closet to quickly pull looks together daily
• How to easily accessorize to add fun and playful elements to looks
• How to take weekday wear into the weekends
• To Dress to make the wonderful you on the inside shine on the outside!!
*Based on a short survey you will complete, Colette will bring a select rack of clothing for you to shop based on your wardrobing needs.  

The Mom Style Dilemma
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