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Intro to Watercolor Brush Lettering

Workshop Size - 10 people

Registration Closes - Wednesday, April 4th

Lillian Huang is a self-taught modern calligrapher based in Nyack, New York. She picked up brush calligraphy three summers ago while living in Taiwan, with no art or design background. It started off as a creative and therapeutic outlet, however, in the last year, she felt called to create an off-line creative community to share her love for lettering in the form of workshops. Lillian hopes to share this therapeutic art form with those like herself, someone who thought art was intimidating and out of reach (it's not!).

In this 2.5-hour, introductory workshop by Lillian of Lillian Liming Design Co. you'll learn the basics of watercolor brush lettering with a waterbrush. We'll go over foundational brush strokes and how to form letters and words. Lillian will guide you through different color blending techniques so you can create a colorful piece to take home!

This is a beginner-friendly class - no watercolor/painting or lettering experience necessary.

What’s included:

  • 1 water brush (can be filled with water or liquid watercolors)

  • 1 36-color watercolor paint palette

  • 1 pad of watercolor paper

...all for you to take home to continue practicing!

Intro to Watercolor Brush Lettering
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