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KIDS - Circuits & Dough

Workshop Size: 12 kids

Ages: K-5

Registration closes: Monday, May 21st

Learn about circuitry using a very familiar medium: play doh! We'll learn about anodes and cathodes (+/-), the flow of electricity, make LEDs light up, create switches, buttons and more.

The play doh introduces creativity, is approachable and familiar. And kids get instant feedback - the light turns on or it doesn't; they make a change, get results.

Sarah and Clark Landis formed MKR LAB to inspire students to use science and tech creatively. Clark has a MS in computer science from Columbia and a MS in Physics from Yale. He is a master of all coding & programming. Sarah was a former web master and a lifelong maker, knitter & crafter who likes to use materials in non-traditional ways. She is delving back into web design, graphic design and is an avid amateur photographer. She also is a certified yoga teacher. Together they have 3 children.

KIDS - Circuits & Dough
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