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Practicing Creative Confidence w/Needle Felting

Workshop Size: 8 people

Registration Closes: Tuesday, June 12th

This workshop is for first timers and past attendees who want more creativity in their life. Join me at Daydreamer Studio for a workshop combining needle felting with self-
development, evolution, and empowerment.

Needle felting is one of the oldest of the textile or fiber arts. It is still a way of life in
Central Asia and used to produce tents (yurts), clothing and rugs. Needle felting
employs a barbed or notched needle to tangle the individual fibers together to form a flat
piece of art or a 3D sculpture.

Expressing Creativity is something we are all meant to do in life, yet so many of us
are held back by fear and insecurity. We have thoughts like, “I’m not good enough,
therefore I shouldn’t even try”; “if I make something, I’ll be criticized”; “someone else
already did it, so what’s the point”; and on and on. Being creative is a fundamental part
of happiness. Being creative is self-care. It promotes balance, self-confidence, and
connection to others.

This workshop will help you to let go of negative thoughts that keep you artistically
stagnant. You can purchase felting material from us or bring your own.
I am a fiber artist and a Licensed Clinical Social worker with a private practice in
Katonah, NY. I have over 15 years of experience with helping clients to live happier,
more effective, calmer, confident lives. Here is a link to my psychotherapy practice on Psychology Today:

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